Can I practice for the IELTS speaking test on my own or with a friend? (3/3)

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Here’s how to practice on your own for part 3 of the Speaking test: Participating in an intellectual discussion

Training aim

To discuss wider issues in society and avoid talking about yourself

You never know what you are going to be asked in part three as each examiner has a different discussion style, making the test hard for repeat-candidates to copy and perfect. This doesn’t mean you can’t get a better understanding of the kinds of questions asked

For this part I am ONLY going to recommend you do it with someone else, you’ve spent far too much time in your bed practicing the other fun tasks, and to be honest, you need to start to engage with the world (plus, your mum wants to wash the sheets).

Remember that person you met on Tinder last week? Text them an apology for talking too much about yourself, your life, and breaking down into tears when recounting the death of your lovely Miffles (2 minutes and 4 seconds though…Well done! Give yourself one pat on the back and a ticket to the next dog show) and invite them out for a second date. This time make the date more about their opinions, try to get onto some of the interesting topics provided below and ask questions to practice anticipating the kinds of questions your examiner will ask you, remember the 2 rules:

  • Don’t ask any personal questions (What do you think…? Do you have X? Is your X like this?)
  • Ask general questions and try to be philosophical (Is it right to…?, Should there be…?, can the government help with X?, Are humans becoming more X?, What was X like 100 years ago?)

This may not help you pass the test at all, but in the event you can’t go to study advanced landscape gardening at Hogwarts next September, you may by now have formed a bond on your second date. I wish you luck with that.


Humans going to live in space

Why is photography so popular? it’s just pictures

The hold of technology on the world

Why your generation is less easy to please than your parents’ generation

Will all shopping be online in the future?

So that’s about it for my advice for IELTS prep, solo-style, and you thought you needed to find a teacher to meet in a crowded Starbucks AND pay for his coffee? Give me a break.