Can I practice for the IELTS speaking test on my own or with a friend? (2/3)

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Here’s how to practice on your own for the Speaking test Part-two: speaking for two minutes and ten seconds.

Training aim

Talking for 2 minutes without a pause (except for breath) and being able to go on for longer if needs be. Another goal is to choose a topic you are interested in and can talk about for as long as possible.

By yourself

With this one it really doesn’t matter if you are with a friend holding a stopwatch or alone, the point is to set the timer on your phone for two minutes and to be able to talk without drying up for the whole time.

By all means give yourself a few seconds before you start the timer (just as you would have time to prep in the test), and then start talking to your friend, or to the wall. If you are in a crowded train then at least mumble into your phone so that you don’t look demented.

As you are talking, think “can I give a bit of background to the story?” and “what else would be interesting to say about this?”. Practice keeping your tongue moving for a whole two minutes

With someone

If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend then take them out for a date. Be sure to get as many “two minute and ten second stories” into the date as possible. Research show that girls love a guy who can tell a great story.

If you are currently single, get down to the gym and start eating healthily, then get onto a dating app (Tinder, Momo, Blendr, Grindr, Tantan are examples of ones which I use to ruin my perception of the opposite sex), and find an average person (not someone you actually want to attract) and invite them out for a date, on the date try to get as many short speeches as possible (over 2 mins, remember!).

Note for girls: don’t worry if the boy nods his head and says ‘uh-huh’ almost as if he were not listening, this is EXACTLY the behaviour you will see from your examiner.

Be sure to keep your speeches to something part-two-esque, like:

  • A pet you owned and loved/hated
  • Your favourite walk in your city
  • A time you lost something important
  • Your first trip abroad
  • A gadget you want to buy
  • What you would do if you were rich