How to practice good cohesion ahead of the writing test

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Here is a small handful of tips you can do when writing which will help you to fluently link sentences. Write a paragraph about anything you like, say, your opinion on at what age children should start using computers, or a reason why drones and sedgways should be banned in busy pedestrian areas. Have you done that? If not grab a pen and paper now, this is important, if so, then good! Welcome back, what took you so long? Take a look at two adjacent sentences in your writing, and if the second sentence does not refer to the first in some way, make it do so, in some cases you may even want to combine the two sentences to make one.

Making long nouns or using relative clauses with ‘which’, ‘whose’ is always a great start.

I bought a dog. The dog had three legs. > I bought a dog which had three legs. / I bought a three-legged dog.
I found the original copy of the bible. Finding it was good. > I found the original copy of the bible, which was good.

Where possible, link your sentences with a more professional sounding connective such as ‘in doing so’ or ‘which in turn’

We should make all water parks free for everyone. If they were all free then people would have more fun.
We should make all water parks free for everyone, doing so would mean a happier population.
Water parks could be made free for anyone to access, which in turn would make for a more contented populace.

And one final tip, where many candidates begin a sentence with a comment adverbial such as ‘undeniably’, ‘undoubtedly’ or ’on the one hand’, you could make yours more characteristic of a native English speaker simply by moving those words along the sentence a little, specifically between the auxiliary (be, have, will) and the verb. Reading the following aloud will give you an instant sense of how natural it sounds.

Undoubtedly, the number of working robots will rise. > The number of robots will undoubtedly rise.
On the one hand, there are many things that can be done about pollution > There are, on the one hand, many things that can be done about pollution.

You can practice this alone or with a friend or teacher, passing the paper, building on each other’s arguments and finishing each other’s sentences.