5 things no examiner wants to hear in the speaking exam.


5 things no examiner wants to hear in the speaking exam. Ever.

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Moreover, hence, and therefore

For the love of all things pure and sweet in life – no. Please, no. Put it away. In fact, take it out back and shoot it in the head. You are not a character in a Shakespeare drama, you are not Martin Luther King giving his landmark speech on civil rights at , you’re not even my old headmaster explaining why it wasn’t appropriate to feed pigeons baking soda and rice – unless you are. In which case, go ahead – but I’m still giving you a 6.

That’s an interesting question

Oh, is it? Well, it’s nothing to do with me – I’m just reading it from the script on the table. It’s probably not even a very interesting question, is it? So well done for eliciting an awkward smile from me before we continue. 6.

Long rambling memorised sentences which involve grammar of a dazzling complexity and stylistically nuanced words despite ending with something easy and bad.


This is a complicated question which i could answer in a great number of ways but if I had to single out one thing it would be…..




We can clearly see that technology today has revolutionised the way that society behaves, and on the strength of that notion, I would have to say that…


The last word can be literally anything. I know that. You know that. That’s why you’re using this weird memorised sentence. Congratulations – you’ve wasted 5 seconds of your IELTS speaking exam, murdered the tiny part of my soul which wants to give you a band 7 in cold blood, and made us both feel kind of weird during the process.